A Homeschool App : Safe & Smart Alternative to Preschools

What is the meaning of Homeschooling?

The meaning of Homeschooling is to teach a kid or educate a child at home or at any other place, other than the school. A mother can fulfill all the needs of her child at an early childhood age. Unlike Preschooling, in Homeschooling, the mother does not have to worry about the Hygiene, Food, Handling of the child by maids and transportation on daily basis. In fact you can give complete attention to your own child and can ensure the good quality of teaching. That is why Homeschooling is a necessity for Mothers with Kids in the age group of 1 year to 6 years.
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What is the FundooMoms Mobile App?

The FundooMoms Homeschool App is tool for a mother who wants to teach her kid at home in the early childhood age. On our Homeschool App, you get the entire Curriculum and Day-Wise Lesson Plans to teach your kid at home at your convenience.
It is very simple to just see, read and teach. With the App, you can teach Kids Activities, English, Numbers, Stories for Kids, Baby Rhymes, Phonics Alphabet, Educational Games for kids, or even the entire year’s curriculum to your child. You also get Guidance from Experts and Worksheets for free. Scroll below to know how the FundooMoms Homeschool Mobile App works.

How Does our Homeschool App Work ?

Access Our Daily Lesson Plans on Our Mobile App

Access our Day Wise lessons plan on the mobile App

Teach Your Child from our Simple & Standardised Curriculum

simple and standerised curriculum

Read Articles, Watch Videos for Knowledge & Teaching Skills

knowledge and teaching skill

Get Support from Experts on Chat, Articles, Videos & by Booking Calls

Get Support through Chat and Calls

The Mother is the best teacher a child can have. Time to Start Teaching your kid ?

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