9 Benefits of Story Telling Your Kid

Stories coming to Life


Understand why Stories with pictures and morals help a Mother in Child Development

As a kid, we all have heard stories in our childhood. It is happening for ages and will happen for ages to come. If a mother can tell stories to her kids properly, then these stories can last for generations. That’s why some stories told to us in our childhood remain with us forever.

Have you wondered why a story read aloud to kids, captures their attention more than any gadget? So what makes stories so important for a mother? What are its benefits to every parent and child?

If a mother can tell Stories to her kids it can have many benefits. The benefits are

  • Imagination and Curiosity
    When you tell stories to kids, they go into an imaginary world. Their mind builds and constructs the story. Due to this the child learns to think and it improves their thinking skills. They learn the cause and effect relationships.
    Kids have to think about the outcomes in a story. They always have to think what would happen next. This makes them curious.
  • Interest building
    They get to know about new ideas and characters through stories. A story amuses a child and thereby creates interest. Both Curious and Interest help them to explore a topic or a subject.
  • Learns to Question
    During a story as the child thinks, they get curious and have many questions. Kids ask questions during the story or after it. To understand the reasoning the child learn to question. You should know that your story is effective if the child asks the questions Why & How.
  • Vocabulary and Pronunciation
    Stories use a lot of vocabulary which we do not use in daily conversation. That’s how children get to know new words. Kids like to hear stories many times and not just once. As they hear the words again and again, they improve their own pronunciation too.
  • Values Learning
    It is very difficult to instruct children about values. How does one teach to be honest or brave?
    Stories are the best to teach values. They help them understand the difference between good values and bad ones. Imagine, teaching a child not to be greedy without telling a story.
    Stories having morals teaches kids how to behave and live life. The simple stories about friendship like the Lion and the Mouse teach a lot about friendship.
    You can teach manners and habits to your kids during Storytime. Habits like Brushing teeth everyday, sleeping early, etc.
  • Patience and Listening Skills
    When a child listens to a story their curiosity makes them wait for the end. Unlike videos, they do not have any skip or fast forward button. This is how they learn to be patient. Listening to the story helps them develop listening skills too.
  • Reduces Screen Time
    Screen time is harmful for kids. To know about screen time and its bad effects. Click here
    Stories help children in reducing their screen time. They avoid a lot of ill effects and learn good habits as they reduce screen time.
  • Can Learn the habit to read
    A kids develops interest and grows curious when they grow listening to stories. Due to this they like to read too. You can develop your child’s reading habit by Story telling.
  • Sleep
    Stories told at night can induce sleep. That is why, Bedtime Stories are so popular with kids.

Our Point about Stories for Kids

Above are the 9 benefits of telling a story to your child. There can be more benefits too. If you know about more benefits of Story telling your kid, let us know on our email info@fundoomoms.com.

Story Telling is a very important tool in the development of your child. Every mother should know simple techniques to become a good Kids Story teller.

If you would like to know about how to tell a story to your kid ? Click here to read more.

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