Day Wise Lesson Plans

Our curriculum has several modules that we call as Day Wise Lesson Plans. They guide our Homeschooling Curriculum to teach the child.

Day Wise Lesson Plans depends on the attention span of the child. We have taken care so that the session within these plans are not long for the child. It requires a max of 1 hour to 2 hours of time. This time is the quality time of the child spent with the mother. The mother and the child bond reaches new levels due to this teaching.

The Day-wise lesson plans have a healthy mix of Active and Passive Learning. Active Learning involves learning through experiences based on Senses. Passive Activities are the ones involving Learning by observations.

Homeschooling Curriculum

Our curriculum is a result of years of dealing and understanding children between the ages of 2 to 6 years. Our curriculum is

The Aim of our Curriculum

Our Curriculum’s Aim is to provide a strong base for the All-Around Development of the child. The Curriculum also has Learning which is useful in life ahead.

Our Principles: Curiosity & Interest

A child needs to be provided with an environment that develops his or her curiosity and interest. This will develop the child into an individual who can find out and explore more about life and learning. Our curriculum gives the freedom to the mother and child to develop a habit of exploration. They can go into depths of the topic in hand. The mom and child are not stopped from exploring more about a topic. It is not limited to information supplying to the child within the confines of time and space of a room

Includes Aspects of Child Development

Our Homeschool Curriculum encompasses all aspects of child development. These aspects are

  • Cognitive Development
  • Speech and Language Development
  • Motor Skills
  • Socio-Emotional Development - Values Education
  • Creativity and Imagination

It includes the activities of a Preschool Curriculum. It also includes all Preschool Activities that 2 year old to 6 year old children can do. Also, we have followed NCERT Preschool Curriculum guidelines.

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