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FundooMoms Homeschooling App is India’s first Homeschool App for Mothers. With our Homeschooling App you can teach our Homeschool Curriculum and Day Wise Plans to your kid. Our App provides Curriculum, Day Wise Lesson Plans, Videos, Presentations, Free Worksheets, etc. It is very easy for you to read and teach your kid at home at your convenience.

Since ancient ages and to date mothers have been a child’s first teacher. Teaching starts even before the actual birth of a child, in the womb of a mother. These teachings can never be taught by any other teacher but the mother, not even the father. So close is the mother to her child. Homeschooling is the natural progression of this relationship. Read more about, why the Mother is the Best Teacher for her child in the Early Childhood Age.

The time of a mother is important. We have considered it in our programs. It takes around 30 mins to read the Day Wise Plan on the FundooMoms Homeschooling App and you are ready to perform the curriculum session with your child. Each teaching session is divided into Lessons. For Eg Lesson for Activity, concepts etc. Each teaching session will be around 1 hr to 1 ½ hour a day. Sessions need not be continual and can be done a lesson at a time any time during the day as per the mother’s convenience.

Also, the moms need to do these sessions of an hour each day. Minimum 4 day wise plans need to completed in a week to finish the entire year’s curriculum. In total, there are around 150 plus Day Wise Plans of the curriculum which you can complete in 365 days or a year.

A day’s session need not be continual and can be done a lesson at a time, any time during the day as per the mother’s convenience. The time involved depends totally on you. You have to know the lesson plan which usually takes 30 minutes to read. You can then teach anytime during the day or night at your convenience and that of your child’s . This helps you in adjusting your timings as per your child’s sleep timings, husband’s work timings, your own me time, etc.

Our Day Wise Plans and Curriculums used are age appropriate, simple, structured, and standardised. It is designed to meet the highest quality standards keeping the overall development of the child in mind. Know more about our Curriculum. Read more…

Our FundooMoms Homeschool curriculum is in Simple English which most mothers can read and follow. The terms used are everyday English terms. You can even try a Free Demo on our App to know how easy the curriculum is. Download the App & Try the Free Demo

No Problem at all!!! The Home Schooling Curriculum Daily Lesson Plans, as we have mentioned is very flexible and can be performed in parts too. So do not worry if you are not able to finish a session in a day, just continue from wherever you have stopped and then move ahead.

Yes, you can, provided your work gives you a free time of 4 to 5 hours a week. Even if weekdays are difficult to manage then you can manage few hours on weekends. Weekends are another option to complete the sessions.

Once you enroll, you will get complete support in terms of

  1. Knowledgebase Articles & Videos These will give you in-depth know how to teach your kids at home different activities
  2. Chat Support – you can even chat with our experts about home education in depth
  3. Book a Call Feature – Even after the above 2 ways, you still feel like talking then we are just a call away. Book a call and we will call you back.

*** Chat and Call support can be given only from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

We have a 3-day demo feature by which you can check our home school curriculum first hand. Also, we are always available to give you support in all the ways mentioned. So sorry but in any case, we will not be able to provide any refund.

A big No!! Such small kids are not aware of competition or exams and shouldn’t be made aware. It is also the responsibility of the mother not to introduce competitions, comparisons, etc in the life of the child at this age.

Yes !! Off course. Download the App and take a free demo of how you will learn and teach your child as per our guidance. Download the App for the Free Demo.

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