FundooMoms Homeschooling: A Safe and Smart Alternative to PreSchools


Motherhood is one of the most responsible relationships a woman can have. The Mother has to think about her kid, her family, and herself. She has to think about the kid’s education. In the Early Years of her child, she has to think about Preschool Education. The issue is that this thinking doesn’t end even after you enroll your child in a preschool. Mothers have many anxieties towards Preschools. These Anxieties can be

  • Hygiene Related – Preschool hygiene is not a secret. Not all schools maintain hygiene. And hygiene is such a vast aspect that it has many small things involved like the following,
    • Using Different cloths for different purpose like wiping floors, wiping tables, etc
    • Using different cloths for wiping different children
    • Using the right floor wash and phenyl
    • If Maids use aprons and hand gloves
    • Regular Hand Wash
    • Many more
  • Travel Related – Parents deal directly with the transportation and travelling to the Preschool. It is a known anxiety if you speak to any Preschooling Parent
  • Vehicles – Preschools use Vans to Mid Size Buses for the transportation of kids. It is compulsory since few years that the School Vans should have a Tourist Registration. Also the van can not have more than 10 kids inside. Inspite of these rules, one can still observe drivers flouting the rules.
  • Pick Up and Drop – Some parents opt for picking up and dropping the child to the preschool. The parents then have to rush the child to preschool on scooter, car or public transport for years.
  • Infections and Fevers
    • Infections spread fast in Preschools. Schools were the first to close after corona virus spread in India in March 2020. But before that infections like Swine Flu, the Hand Foot and Mouth disease etc are an example of the same. They spread among preschools faster.
    • Fevers – Kids come in close contact with other kids and some kids have fever sometimes. This makes fevers spread fast too.
  • Quality of Education – Qualification and Attitude of Teachers varies a lot
  • Handling of Kids – Maids and sometimes teachers too handle children in a rough way.
  • Food Related – Schools may or may not maintain Food Hygiene.

There are many other anxieties which a mother faces with Preschools.

We came up with a solution which gives child both safety and education at the same time. To understand the solution you must understand Homeschooling.

The Meaning of Homeschooling

In simple terms, Homeschooling means to teach a kid or educate a child at home or any other place other than school. At FundooMoms, Homeschooling is vital and necessary for kids in the age group of 1 year to 6 years.

A Mother is the Best Person to teach a child and is highly effective in the all around development of a Child.

Check out this Youtube Video to know what FundooMoms Homeschooling App is.

Why is FundooMoms a Safe and Smart Alternative to Preschooling?

FundooMoms helps Mothers homeschool their kids. Since Moms can teach their kids at home relieves the mother from the anxieties.

  • Mothers ensure Hygiene – Mothers maintain the Hygiene at home. That’s why it can never be a problem at all.
  • No Travel and Transport Involved – In FundooMoms the mother teaches the child at home. This involves no daily commute or travel. Aand that’s why there won’t be any travel or transport related anxieties.
  • No Infections and Fevers – Unlike PreSchools, at FundooMoms, the mother chooses interactions of her child. She is very careful that feverish kids do not come in close contact with her child. And that’s why spread of any infections and fevers is almost nil.
  • High Quality of Education – FundooMoms gives Day Wise plans with guidance to the mother. She teaches her child thereby taking care of the quality of the lessons. Know more
  • No issues in Handling of Kids – In FundooMoms, the mother handles her child all the time. No Worries.
  • No Food Related Anxieties – The food served by mother has no parallel. It is even more important during the early childhood stage. The mother trains her child for all kinds of foods and food habits.

This is how FundooMoms is A Safe and Smart Alternative to Preschooling. FundooMoms is India’s first Homeschooling Guiding Mobile App for Mothers. It helps you to minimise the screen time of your child. The FundooMoms App guides Mothers to teach our lesson plans to their kids. The App provides Day Wise Plans, Videos, Presentations, Worksheets, etc to the mother. The Mother teaches the child Age Appropriate Concepts, Language, Vocabulary, Educational games, Kids Art, craft, Stories, Rhymes, and a lot more. It is very easy for them to teach their own kid at their own convenience. To know more about the Advantages of FundooMoms Homeschooling App. Click Here

To Download the App for a Free Demo, Click here.

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