Homeschooling for Beginners: A Step by Step Guide for Homeschooling your kid

Mother Using Flashcards for Homeschooling her kid

Homeschooling for Beginners: A Step by Step Guide for Homeschooling kids

Homeschooling for Beginners Guide informs you about the Step by step process of Homeschooling. It is a topic that every mother who decides to take up homeschooling in India thinks about. Where to begin is a major worry.

In this blog, you learn about the process of Homeschooling for kids. You can use this process for older kids also but it is best suited for the age group of 2 to 6 years.

Once you are past this initial hurdle Homeschooling becomes a daily routine activity.

So the steps towards homeschooling for toddlers are

  • Step 1. Understanding the Age Group of your child
    The Broad Age Category is as follows – Pre–Primary Education, – Primary Education, – Secondary Education and – Senior Secondary Education

Within these categories, there are age groups. Check your State and area for details as it can be different in different states. Also, refer government rulings and GRs. The current age groups are as follows,

Playgroup2 to 3 Years
Nursery3 to 4 Years
Junior KG4 to 5 Years
Senior KG5 to 6 Years
Grade I6 to 7 Years

and so on.

As per New Education Policy 2020 formulates the use of the 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 format. The first 5 years includes 3 years of Early Childhood Education and 2 years of 1st and 2nd Std.

Age Criteria changes in different states in India. Check the NIOS(National Institute of Open Schooling) website for details too. Also, a lot will depend on till when are you willing to take up homeschooling. Whether it is till Pre-Primary, Primary or Secondary.

  • Step 2. Find Age Appropriate Homeschooling Curriculum
    By now you should be aware and sure of which age group your child is in. Now, it is important to find the right Homeschooling curriculum. The internet is full of Homeschool resources and information is in bits and pieces. It is a task to get the right resource on the internet. In case of Pre Primary Education, the aspects of Education are as shown in the image below Aspects of Pre Primary Education for Homeschooling

    Finding any curriculum should not be the focus. Instead find a curriculum that includes all the above aspects of education. As a parent, you would always want your child’s development to be all around. Curriculums with focus only on Academics will not be helpful in the long term. Be wise in your selection.

    FundooMoms is India’s First Homeschool App for Mothers. With our Homeschool App you can teach our Homeschool Curriculum to your kid. The App provides Day Wise Lesson Plans, Videos, Presentations, Free Worksheets, etc.

    Our Curriculum is Simple, Structured and Age Appropriate. To know more about our Curriculum and Day Wise Plans, Click here.

  • Step 3. Make Lessons Plans Once you have the curriculum your work is to do lesson planning. Understanding the depth of the curriculum and planning week wise first then day wise. One needs to take care in Early Childhood development, the attention span of the child is low around 10 to 15 mins max. Hence, limiting your lessons and kids activities to a max of 15 mins is a must. It can increase depending on the interest of your child.

    Also, consider repeating lessons at least 3 to 4 times so that it is easy for the child to remember it. Repeating lessons doesn’t mean you repeat them at a stretch but instead mix with other lessons for over a 3 to 4 weeks.

    Understand the interests of your child. Make lesson plans considering the interests of your child. Look out for small observations, questions asked by the child and choices of the child. They go a long way in understanding your child’s interest. Focus on your child’s interests to make learning interesting. Teach to make your child interested.

    With FundooMoms you will get day wise lesson plans on the app. It is very easy for you to just read and teach your kid at home at your convenience. It also helps you to reduce the screen time of your child.

  • Step 4. Arrange and make material available
    At the start, you will need some basic material. For Example, a reusable board, sketch pens, colours, Papers, Clay etc.

    Do not over buy so that you are not confused with the material. Try to use material at home. Remember there is no set rule for material. Always focus on the understanding than the material. This is will keep things simple. It helps to keep your expenses in check.

    Once you have planned the Lessons, you need to make material for the lesson available. If it is not available at home then you need to buy it. Source it from a stationary stop or use apps online to buy. You will need Books, Stationary, papers etc for the lessons.

    At FundooMoms Homeschooling App, most material used will be available at home. Take the example of counting numbers from 1 to 20 activity. In our App, the lessons will ask you to use 5 ground nuts or pulses like Rajma. Hence, focus will be on understanding which will be of greater help to you and the child.

    Number 5 Worksheet for Homeschooling For Kids

    Use material at home

  • Step 5. Practice the Lessons in advance
    After your plans are ready and the material is available. You need to practice the lesson. Imagine teaching the child without practice. Chances are that you will get stuck up while teaching and the child will suffer. Also, you will lose precious time as you will over do the activity.

    As you teach over a period of time, the your learning curve will flatten. You will then be confident to perform many activities without practice. But we would still recommend you to practice lessons before performing.

  • Step 6. Performing the Lesson with your child
    Performing the lesson is the ice breaker and your actual test. But worry not you will sail through. Though it is a test, it is not the final and last test. There will be several times that you will get to teach your child. You will improve day by day.

    Remember you are your child’s best teacher ever. There can never be a teacher like the mother to the child. Read our blog on why the mother is best early childhood teacher of her child. Click here.

Homeschooling for Toddlers being enjoyed by Mom and Baby Practice & Perform

  • Step 7. Revise the Lessons From the point of view of child, a lesson cannot be learnt the first time you teach it. You need revise every lesson at the end of the day. These revisions will help your child to remember the concepts and topics. Revisions need to be quick and simple. They need to straight to the point. Use Props for revision, if possible. Also, do not do revisions like the actual lessons. Do revisions while cooking, or even when the child is playing. Also, do not over do it. Give priority to the child’s mood. You will observe that the child understands and remains alert for these revisions. This is slow and gradual process.

The next three steps are important in the long term. If you take these steps they will help you in your Learning Curve towards Homeschooling your kid.

  • Step 8. Maintain a Log Book

    We recommend maintaining a log book. You can update your log book daily or weekly. You can enlist following related to your child. – Observations, – timings, – growth details of your child, – improvement areas – language and vocabulary – lesson details etc This log serves you as map of your journey. It helps in mapping your path. It makes it easy for you to make changes or improvements in the next year of homeschooling. Also, you can refer to it when you have doubts about what you have taught. Remember Homeschooling is not a one time activity. It has a knowledge base which you have to create for yourself and your child.

    Check the Daily Log Book Sample below.

    Daily Log Sample for Homeschooling for Kids
  • Step 9. Review and Improve your Teaching Style

    Review yourself every quarter. How have you performed? Is there any scope for improvement ? Do you need to change your teaching style ? Check your log book for details of the teaching. You will need to changes in your teaching Style as your child grows. As you mature as a teacher, you will have a style of your own. Having a mixed style can be helpful. Having the same style makes you less flexible.

  • Step 10. Assess the Progress of your kid

    Assessments are a part of your role as a teacher. Aspects of Education should guide you to assess your child. Decide which areas you child needs improvement. Understand where the child needs development. Recognize which activities of your child needs guidance. Make an assessment report for each quarter the way you review your own teaching style. You can also compile all the assessment reports and then have an Annual Report

    Assessment Report Homeschooling for Kids Assessment Report Sample for 3 to 4 Years old kids


In India, Homeschooling is not new. Many mothers have taught their kids at home and succeeded. Many mothers are now searching for Homeschooling resources online. They know very well that they already have the skills to homeschool their child. Also, education in India is becoming very expensive. Mothers can teach their own child at home and save a lot of money. Homeschooling is now coming up as a major alternative to traditional schooling. If you are mother who wants to have the freedom to choose lessons and topics for your child, go ahead and put this guide to use. Let us know know on your experience on

Tips for Mothers

1) Do not curtail your child’s creative freedom. Let your child be free to explore and learn. 2) Explore curiosity and interest. They will help your child develop in to an all around personality.

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