How to Tell a Story to Your Kid?

How to Tell a Story to Your Kid?

We know the benefits of Storytelling to our kids. If you have missed this previous Blog, click here to Know about the 9 Benefits of Story Telling Your Kid.

“Mommy! Tell me a story”, said the little boy. She agreed and then she thought to herself what she should tell him. How many times have we across this situation? I am sure many times. Every parent goes through this situation.

But does your child enjoy the stories you tell? Is it possible that your child sometimes gets bored with your story?

Here is how you can tell a Story to your kid,

  1. Choose the right story
    Choosing the right story to tell is very important.
    a) Age Appropriate Story
    It is important that kid’s story is age appropriate. A story told to a 2 year old is different from the story told to a 4 year old.
    Stories for child between 1 to 3 year old requires 1 or 2 characters and simple language. The story for these kids need to be short. The stories need to be simple with simple outcomes. Stories like The Thirsty Crow, The Lion and the Mouse, etc are best suited.
    Stories for child between 3 to 4 year can have more characters and simple language but more words. The stories need to be simple but with slightly complex outcomes. Stories like The Hare and the Tortoise, The Fox and the Goat, etc are best suited.
    b) Theme of Story – Story themes can be – funny, – emotional, – inspirational, – emotional, – behavioural, – Moral based etc.
    Choose the theme of the story as per the mood of the child. You can even base them on the values you would like to teach the child.
    If your child is sad, then choose a funny story like The Capseller and the Monkeys.
    If your child is naughty then you can tell a kids moral based story like in the PanchTantra. If your child is sleepy, you can tell them a fairy tale.

  2. Right time to tell a story
    You can tell Stories anytime. But try to tell a story while children are able to concentrate. Try not tell stories while the child is doing some other activity. Try keeping a fixed time during the day for stories. For Eg while having lunch, or before going to bed, etc.
    Remember kids like listening to stories over and over again. You will get many chances to tell your story. Turn this time into great story time.

  3. Language
    Choose the language that you would like the child to learn. If your mother tongue is Hindi and you choose a kids story in English then you should translate some words. This helps the child to understand the meanings of the difficult English words. They also learn the vocabulary of both the languages.
    No problem if you choose a language which the child is comfortable in. Always remember Stories have many other benefits than language too.

  4. Voice
    Voice forms the most important tool in storytelling. Do not be too loud or too low. The volume also depends on the distance between you can the child.
    Without voice modulation a story can become dull. A child will lose interest in the story if it is dull.

  5. Pauses
    It is very important to have pauses in the story. Give time to the child to think. It will be helpful. Ensure pauses are not so long that the child loses interest. As you develop the habit you will understand the time required by your child to think and imagine. Adjust as per the child’s capacity.

  6. Ask Questions to your child
    Ask questions at the end of each story to know if your child has understood the story. Ask simple questions and moral questions. For Eg, In the story The Lion and the Mouse the Simple Question will be where was the Lion Sleeping? In the Story, the Fox and the Crane, the moral question is Ask the question, how did the Fox realize his mistake? Remember Moral questions are difficult for kids. Also, do not expect them to answer your questions. Hence guide them in answering.

  7. Revision
    Record the audio or video of your story to revise your storytelling. Review the session for the different aspects like – words, – sentences, – pauses, – voice modulation, etc.

We are sure you will get lot of insights when you listen to your own voice. You can then improvise on these aspects.

The Art of Storytelling lies in making your child curious and interested in the story. You have to amuse your child and the child should be able to relate to the story.

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