Is Screen Time Harmful for your Child?

Is Screen Time Harmful for your Child?


“Eat the food on your plate,” said the mom. She had prepared food for her 3 year old. He refused. She then had an idea. She offered him, her mobile and he watched videos over it. And the plate was clean. Does it feel like it happened with you before?

Let us accept the fact that life has been busy for everyone after coronavirus. We resort to the simplest habit for our kids which is the mobile. The mobile disguises as a harmless tool initially and transforms into a problem. The child finds it very difficult to concentrate on activities for kids. They start preferring the mobile to books and outdoor play. It becomes a problem more than a solution.

Issues Related to Excessive Screen Time

Excessive Screen time has an adverse effect on the child’s future life. The Issues related to excessive screen time on children are

  • Eyes – Excessive Screen time can cause myopia and vision related ailments in kids.
  • Obesity – Lack of Activity can lead to less fat burning and obesity. Kids give up the real world for the virtual.
  • Concentration – As the child surfs online, their mind keeps track of all things in the Images or videos. It keeps playing in their mind even after they switch off the gadget. They lose concentration and it makes them restless.
  • Imagination – Every activity in a mobile is a like walk through and follows directions. Your kid will not use thoughts to analyze and work out a way but instead will expect instructions. In real life, they have to analyze and make their own decisions.
  • Wrong Trends and Paths – Content on the internet is not moderated. We can get exposed to trends which are completely unknown and can turn out to be harmful for the child. As a kid it is difficult to understand and reject such trends.
  • If not supervised, kids can end up surfing the internet for stuff which they shouldn’t be surfing. Suicides happening due to the infamous BlXX WXXXE fish game of challenges are an example.
  • Social Media is Addictive: The Autosuggestion Trap – Every website and app wants your time. And the younger the better as they can be easily influenced. This makes them a user for a long time. Longer time means more ads revenues. But this has a bad effect on your child. The effects can be irritation and aggression in kids.

The Coronavirus Effect

The recent locksn due to the Coronavirus or Covid19 has opened a pandoras box. Since parents and children were at home, locked up due to the virus, they got exposed to gadgets.

Time had come when schools reopen in the year. Preschools and Schools then found out a solution in online classes. The Preschools and schools expected kids to sit in front of gadgets for hours. The governments had to ban online classes for kids. The question remained, Why?

The Governments, found out that screen time was a problem for kids. Exposing a child to screen time in the form of Online Classes is wrong. And worse would be to have no control over the time.

Are you aware of the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations? They recommend for kids upto 4 years olds a sedentary screen time of not more than 60 minutes. For less than 2 year olds, they have recommended zero sedentary screen time. Download the WHO Recommendations here.

The Solution

A gadget is a temporary solution. It will prove to be very harmful for your child if not controlled or stopped today. Parents need to find out ways by which kids can be away from gadgets like Mobiles, tabs, Laptops, TV, etc. Parents

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